Project Description


Wordscapes wanted something a little bit different for the cover of a new publication they were producing entitled Bumfuzzle by Keith Wilson; a new collection of poems about love, loss and lamb bhuna.

Wordscapes is a team of writers, editors, publishers, they approached Design Laser Play to help create an eye-catching design for the cover of Bumfuzzle. Keith Wilson is a poet, musician, playwright, TV presenter, philosopher, and performer in his own right and Keith’s only proviso for the cover was that it ‘was something people would cross the room to look at’.

So, we set out to design a bold yet thoughtful cover illustration to reflect the contents of Keith’s book; a bright silhouette of a lemon from which are cut a composition of images which reference subjects of the amusing poems within. The final design was laser cut from 280gsm mid grey paper stock with a matching stock of contrasting colour, guess what?…lemon yellow. This provided a strong visual in response to Keith’s request, whilst gaining a slight depth to the cut edge to achieve the required shadow effect we preferred.